Real Food – My Hobby, My Passion, My Life

I have always enjoyed food.  I grew up in England and my father always had a vegetable garden, that’s just how it was, and most people lived that way, I thought.  I did not realize how healthy I was being fed and how it has probably kept me healthy all my life.

I have always enjoyed cooking, and the series of evening cooking classes at the Viking Cooking School helped me understand some of the fundamentals.  My love of Garlic, Herbs (which we have grown extensively for many years) and fresh vegetables has made preparing food a joy rather than a chore.

I have stayed active most of my life, and enjoy running several days a week.  I also ski each winter and enjoy hiking in the Smokey Mountains and Sailing which I don’t get to do too often.

I thought I was eating healthy, like a lot of people, and had started reading some books on wellness and I watched the DVD ‘Food Inc’.  Then about 3 years ago, my friend Joe recommended the book ‘In Defense of Food’ by Michael Pollan – a book and author I would strongly recommend.  This started off a whole series of events which has resulted in a whole new outlook and awareness  of everything that I put into and onto my body.

The human body is an incredible machine, it can take an incredible amount of abuse, repair itself, build defense systems against disease, and it does this every day, every hour.  However without the proper intake of nutrients and fuel the body cannot perform these functions as efficiently as it able.

I strongly believe the saying ‘We are what we eat’ and that its significance is way past what the average individual imagines.  The food we eat on a daily basis has to provide much more than the nutrition information on the label, and unfortunately most of our daily intake is not food, it is, as Michael Pollan says, just ‘Edible Material’.

Hence this blog.  A number of people have commented on my food practices and I enjoy sharing them.  I want to talk about Juicing, making Sauerkraut (it is so healthy when home-made), Kim Chi, fermenting Vegetables, making Yoghurt, Kefir, Vegetable Gardening, and a host of other subjects related to staying Healthy and Active all your life.

I hope I can dedicate the time to keep it interesting and alive and thanks for reading.

Bob Mathews

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